Thursday 2 February 2012


Edinburgh’s psychotic blues hoods MYSTERY JUICE return with a new four-track EP Eye For An Aye on 7-inch vinyl and download only. The EP was recorded in the band’s own studio and features the tracks ‘Hurt You, Hurt Me’; ‘Song For The Rural Dispossessed Of Scotland’; ‘God told Adam’ and ‘An Eye For An Aye’. The artwork is classic screenprint design by the amazing Superlectric Industries and the first 50 copies will be individually handprinted making each one a one-off work of art. The EP is released on their own Red October Recording Co label, available through Fence Records.

An incredibly vital mix of heavy funk grooves, blues guitar, searing electric fiddle and machine-gun vocals. Mystery Juice rock the house every time they play. The rhythm section of Donald Hay and Joe Peat grab you by the neck while Donald MacDougall digs guitar licks straight from the Mississippi delta. Tim Matthew's fiddle takes the traditional idiom to the nth degree of distortion while his impassioned vocal delivery leaves you in no doubt that he means every word.

MYSTERY JUICE have been peddling their particular brand of Scottish breakbeat-blues for a number of years. They started out running club nights in Edinburgh, which then spread to a residency in Belfast and tours around the UK. A bizarre connection with Russia led to various tours, two Russian-only album releases and many festival appearances playing to audiences of up to 100,000. Recently, Mystery Juice headlined at the 40th anniversary celebrations of Copenhagen’s anarchist enclave Christiania.

Back home, MYSTERY JUICE have been resolutely ploughing their own furrow as a cult band with a solid nationwide following. Their recipe of house-shaking grooves, the dirtiest blues guitar licks and howling fiddle, topped off with machine-gun vocals guarantees that they sound like no-one else.
Recently the band have been collaborating with Fife’s Fence Collective, film-makers Ruth and Louis Paxton and graphic artist Superlectric Industries on a number of projects. Tim Matthew is a highly sought-after sound engineer in his own right, putting his sonic stamp on countless live shows by James Yorkston and, most recently, King Creosote. He has also recently been playing with the reunification of KC’s ‘90s band, Khartoum Heroes and ex-Milkshake Russ Wilkins’ Lord Rochester.

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