Monday 7 November 2011


Outstanding live favourite Blue-eyed Boy is the new single from Morning Bride's long-awaited, forthcoming album, The North Sea (to be released on all formats in spring 2012). Beautifully schizophrenic in subject and delivery, Blue-eyed Boy is a serenade for multiplicity, where pragmatism rules and identity steadily fades; similarly, the song swings from lo-fi minimalism, to folk-orientated duels of violin and melodica, to the very verge of breakdown, and ultimately to a crescendo of epic intensity. Blue-eyed Boy sees both lead vocalist Amity Dunn and the band as a whole at their most intense and united.

'Blue-Eyed Boy' is available to download from  iTunes from 5 December.

"Astonishing.....Every once in a while you stumble upon a band and wonder how it is that not more people know about them, but you're secretly pleased they don't. Morning Bride are that kind of band." THE INDEPENDENT

A brilliant roots rock band with solid gold tunes.... every song is a triumph......the best thing to come out of Hackney since the White Stripes recorded 'Elephant' there"