Monday 8 August 2011


Emerging from their studio cocoon, where they’ve been beavering diligently on a new album How to Kill A Butterfly, the Band Of Holy Joy are honoured to announce a special central London show at the famous Borderline club on Mannette Street, off Charing Cross Road, on Saturday 3 September. Presented by Symptomatic, the band will be joined by their very special guests Avert Francis, Stills and Howling Owl. Tickets are available now from .  

Inspired by the historically renowned Observers series of guidebooks, How To Kill A Butterfly comprises a set of rural Northern songs, iridescent and distressed in nature. An album of sadness, ignorance and longing, it is scheduled to arrive into the world on Jonny Mugwump’s Exotic Pylon label later in the Autumn.

The Band Of Holy Joy are pioneers of a brutal if beautiful form of Urban Folk. They were formed out of the 80s New Cross Gate art/squat scene by Newcastle émigré Johny Brown. After a hiatus during the 90s they returned in 2002 with the album Love Never Fails on Rough Trade. Since then the band have wilfully explored other media, launching their own internet radio station Radio Joy in 2007, and presenting the plays Troubled Sleep at the Shunt Theatre in London in 2008 and Invocation to William at the Naked Lunch@50 conference at the Sorbonne in Paris 2009.  Songs from both plays later formed the album Paramour, which they released on their own Radio Joy label. Johny has also hosted the immensely popular Mining For Gold show on Resonance FM every Friday night since the stations inception.

Although the original wild spirit of the band is fully intact, the Band of Holy Joy remains committed to crafting new songs, creating a fresh sound, and pursuing new visions, yet continue to write about the same outsider concerns with spirit and care.

Forever changing, consistently unique, always the same.

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