Saturday 23 April 2011


Hit The Strip, the debut longplayer from LUXURY CONDO out on 4 July, introduces Hackney’s loungecore elite to the wider world. From the brooding instrumental intro of the title track with its seductive, smoky organ’n’vibes combo, they take you on a sunset trip of the bright lights and dark corners of the seedier side of the city, retro-referencing Link Wray, Frankie Laine, and low-budget porn film soundtracks! Across eleven tracks of swing, blues, rockabilly and rumba, the band conjure the faded glamour of Blue Velvet, the beaten-down barroom loser humour of Trees Lounge and the dash-cutting bonhomie of Swingers.

Recorded at the famed Gizzard Studio in East London with Ed Deegan, Hit The Strip features all three of the band’s singles – ‘Don’t Shoot Mr President’, ‘Escalado Man’ and ‘Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla’.  The last of these is possibly a nod to guitarist Andy Butlin’s double life as a zookeeper, while ‘Escalado Man’ might be inspired by retro pastime buff and drummer Pinball Geoff, who even has his own pinball museum!

All three singles have received promising airplay, with ‘Gorilla…’ recently picked by Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music.

With a pedigree encompassing such legendary Stoke Newington alumni as Gretschen Hofner, Menthol Weapon, The Bikini Beach Band and King Salami & The Cumberland Three, LUXURY CONDO are completed by bassist Pam Donaldson and organist Jim Bishop. The band have built a strong live reputation over the past few years, gaining plaudits a-plenty for their showstopping appearance on the Lost Vagueness stage at Glastonbury.

LUXURY CONDO play Abney Park Festival, Stoke Newington, London N16
on Saturday 2 July.

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