Tuesday 23 November 2010


The cheap poundshop mystic visionary is back amongst us with a timely snapshot of the current mood and a wayward prophecy of how things could, would, should be, if all was right in our hearts and on our streets, this is the lie of the land indeed.

The Band Of Holy Joy begin the new year with a new download-only single on their own Radio Joy label. Oh What A Thing, This Heart of Man is the first of a series drawn from The North is Another Land, a radio play written, produced and performed by the band that was recently serialised over six weeks on Resonance FM.

The song, featuring flautist Clive Bell and cellist David Barbenel, was recorded at North London’s Reservoir Studios, where the band have also been working on a new album, due for May release. The band will launch the single with a special gig at The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town on the official release date, 7 January 2011.

The Band Of Holy Joy were formed out of the 80s South London squat scene by Newcastle émigré Johny Brown. After a hiatus during the 90s, where Johny concentrated on various other projects, they returned in 2002 with the album Love Never Fails on Rough Trade. Since then, eschewing the traditional album-tour-album treadmill, the band have chosen to explore other media, launching their own internet radio station Radio Joy in 2007, and presenting the play Troubled Sleep at the Shunt Theatre in London and The Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle in 2009. Johny has also hosted the immensely popular Mining For Gold show on Resonance FM for a number of years.

Johny is available for interview.


Friday 7 January                                                             The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town
     with The Bitter Springs and Andrew Clarke


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  1. awesome stuff. those lucky enough to be at the Jan. 7th gig should feel very,very special.